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Verbs are leaders and creators shaping a more conscious and creative tomorrow. They practice continual evolution within themselves and the world around them.

They serve beyond titles, invent new systems, act without playbooks, live, as a verb. And if you’re one of them, you’re in the right place.

Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.Be a Verb.

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We collaborate with you through 3 pillars of personal brand development.



Tangibly express the story of your role through writing and creative asset production.



Strategically grow and engage the audiences and communities aligned with your goals.



Honor your purpose by working to better serve the ecosystem you influence.

Our Offerings

Personal Studio Membership
The first holistic personal branding membership for original people

Membership with us empowers you to flexibly and continuously discover, define, manage and grow your personal brand. Our retained structure enables us to deliver services designed to produce continual growth of self, platform and impact. With a member experience manager on-call, you are able to commission additional support and or production from your Personal Studio team, ensuring you’re always ready to seize any opportunity in your path.

Blueprint Intensives
Group immersions into drafting a personal brand blueprint

Taking place over 3 days, and led by INDIVIDUAL’S multi-disciplinary team of strategists, creatives, and coaches, Blueprint Intensives are an immersion into our three pillars of Expression, Growth and Purpose. Participants leave the program with a valuable set of personalized strategic assets, experiential learnings, and a community of purpose-driven leaders and creators.

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Foundation + Platform
Our flagship memberships for building a creative and strategic foundation, and scaling your unique platform

Foundation™ + Platform™ are our industry-defining memberships for personal brand development. Foundation is designed to provide you with a strategic and creative foundation for communicating what’s original about you. Platform is for leaders and creators with a more established presence, or those who seek to accelerate their arrival to one. While their most fundamental difference is the amount of capacity reserved, both provide the agency world’s most holistic process for expressing your story with clarity in your value, and values.

World-class development and expression membership for leaders and creators at the most prominent podiums

Podium™ is our invite-only, full-service membership for talent who possess significant audience and or influence upon resources. Underpinned by self-discovery, self-determination, self-expression, and self-actualization, Podium provides full access to our roster of talent, experts and partners around the globe. This white-glove membership focuses on uncompromising results for those who speak on stages that require nothing less.

Our evolutionary executive talent development + thought leadership membership for organizations

Ensemble™ is our unique membership for organizations that orchestrates executive talent into a harmony of culture and brand. We believe that efforts of all kinds are led best by people who embody their values, lead in meaningful collaboration with their community, and act in vibrant expression of their purpose. In alignment with organizational KPIs and strategic goals, we design holistic personal and professional development experiences, and produce, manage and activate content ecosystems that support the growth and flourishing of your culture on the inside, and brand on the out. With authentic personal and cultural transformation at its core, the work aims to turn your workplace into a purpose place, and your brand into a movement toward the future we seek to live in.