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Personhood is a grand act of becoming. We all have the capacity to learn, grow, change, and heal.

Celebrate who you’ve become. Welcome the next draft. Don’t be a noun, live with the presence of a verb.


Only someone with your unique ancestry, experiences, knowledge and talents can make your contribution.

Do the unexpected, embody the solution, play your purpose. Your community relies upon what’s original about you.

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Our Purpose Led Clients

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We believe that people succeed when their expression is a reflection of the value they offer their growing community, and they embody the values that align them to their purpose.


We collaborate with you through 3 pillars of personal brand development.



Tangibly express the story of your role through writing and creative asset production.



Strategically grow and engage the audiences and communities aligned with your goals.



Honor your purpose by working to better serve the ecosystem you influence.

Our Services

Personal Studio
Our core service and platform that enables you to manage and grow your personal brand

Our core service and platform that enables you to flexibly and continuously discover, define, manage and grow your personal brand. Based on the strategy laid in your initial development process, we deliver on recurring and ad hoc services that are designed to produce continual personal and platform growth. With a client experience manager on-call, you are able to commission additional support and or production from your team, ensuring you’re always ready to seize any opportunity in your path.

Blueprint Intensives
Our holistic, personal brand development intensives

Blueprint Intensives are invite-only, holistic, personal brand development intensives. Taking place over 3 days, and led by INDIVIDUAL’S multi-disciplinary team of strategists, creatives, and coaches, they are an immersion into our three pillars of Expression, Growth and Purpose. Participants leave the program with a valuable set of personalized strategic assets, experiential learnings, and a community of purpose-driven leaders and creators.

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Our flagship industry-defining process for personal brand development

Foundation™ is our flagship industry-defining process for personal brand development. The experience is designed to provide you with a new strategic foundation, and an authentic artistic expression for communicating what’s original about you. All you need to do is fully show up, and we’ve curated a process that will provide you with the fundamental assets needed to express your brand with clarity in your value, and values.

Our development process for leaders with an established platform

Platform™ is our invite-only development process for leaders who possess significant audience and or influence upon resources. The experience is designed to provide you with a refreshed strategic vision for your personal brand, underpinned by self-discovery, self-determination, and self-actualization. It is an essential preparation, and reorientation toward your immediate and long-term brand growth. The process is writing and strategy focused, producing a vision and actionable plan that you can execute and express with your internal support, or continue expanding with us through Personal Studio.

Our revolutionary cultural transformation and brand development process for organizations

Endeavor™ is our revolutionary cultural transformation and brand development process for organizations. We believe that efforts of all kinds are led best by people living in alignment with their values, and in vibrant collaboration with their community. Our propriety process is designed to produce an impact-driven brand that is inspired by the vision of a company’s leadership and its ecosystem. With authentic personal and cultural transformation at its core, the work aims to turn your workplace into a purpose place, and your brand into a movement toward the future we seek to live in.