Our invite-only, holistic, personal brand development intensive.

The Blueprint Experience

Taking place over 3 days, and led by INDIVIDUAL’S multi-disciplinary team of strategists, creatives, and coaches, our Blueprint Intensive is an immersion into our three pillars of Expression, Growth and Purpose.

Participants leave the program with a valuable set of personalized strategic assets, experiential learnings, and a community of purpose-driven leaders and creators.

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Personhood is a grand act of becoming. We all have the capacity to learn, grow, change, and heal.

Celebrate who you’ve become. Welcome the next draft. Don’t be a noun, live with the presence of a verb.


Only someone with your unique ancestry, experiences, knowledge and talents can make your contribution.

Do the unexpected, embody the solution, play your purpose. Your community relies upon what’s original about you.

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Our Purpose Led Clients

Our Approach

We believe that people succeed when their expression is a reflection of the value they offer their growing community, and they embody the values that align them to their purpose.

We collaborate with you through 3 pillars of personal brand development.



Tangibly express the story of your role through writing and creative asset production.



Strategically grow and engage the audiences and communities aligned with your goals.



Honor your purpose by working to better serve the ecosystem you influence.

Blurprint Deliverables and Outcomes

Bios •  Headline • Character Intro

We’ve supported hundreds of prominent leaders to communicate their story with an authentic voice aligned to their audience. You’ll graduate with a short and long bio that does just that.


It doesn’t take a thousand words to paint a picture of the role you play. In fact, the first few count the most. We’ll support you to create this critical invitation to your community through prose.


Inspired by the Japanese practice of Jikoshoukai, and our founder’s theater background, you’ll develop your capacity to self-introduce with greater meaning and memorability.

Audiences + Persona • Content Concepts • Content Calendar
Audiences + Persona

Our most ambitious goals are seldom achieved in isolation. Identifying the specific ecosystem you provide value to is the essential baseline to growth.


Content. Content. Content. It’s the key to providing immediate value to your audience, and building a relationship. You’ll walk away with tangible ideas for curated and original content that empowers and informs.


Moving from plan to action is all about making time through small sweet steps. Just days after the intensive you’ll have a process fit to your capacity and schedule that will support you to go from concept to post!

Purpose Council •  Integrity Compass • Empowering Beliefs

Leaders once looked to the elders of the village to support them in meeting the challenge of their role. You’ll select 4-6 trusted individuals from your life who will support you in honoring the promise of your contribution.


In essence, “brand” is promise – of value and values. Brand Integrity is the extent to which you honor those promises. This tool is meant to guide you through moments of challenge and pivot to always play your purpose.


You’ll identify the beliefs that limit your audience and perpetuate the pain-points they experience. Then, you’ll produce empowering alternatives that serve as the seeds for creating content, products and services.

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