Multi-Sensory Experiences of Becoming

“Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way. The inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power. If you aren’t willing to be changed by the ritual, don’t do it.”


The Purpose Lantern


As we spiral backwards toward the future, the light connects us to the patterns that guided our ancestors. As we continuously discover our path, our flame lights the way for those to come after. You have received the materials to create a lantern symbolizing that which was handed to you from your ancestors, and that which you seek to pass on. Much like the great mystery of this life, it is yours to shape; and if you’re amendable, it will shape you.

The Ritual

To begin your ritual, please watch this brief video, observe the steps– and take inspiration from the examples below.

1 | Unboxing
  • Create physical and mental space for yourself. 
  • Unpack your box. 
  • Set aside the festive filler for reuse. 
  • Unfold your box to use as your work surface. 
  • Get a small bowl of water, and place your sponge in it. 
  • Unwrap the wooden tools, and feel free to grab improvised tools from around the house.
2 | Shaping Your Lantern
  • Remove clay from pouch and kneed into ball, familiarizing yourself with its nature.
  • Begin working with your hands, tools we provided, and or objects around the house. Allow your imagination to run free. Construct and destroy as much as your heart desires. Be sure to put any clay you’re not actively working with back in the pouch and seal it to avoid it drying prematurely.
  • Use one of the tea candles to reference where it will sit. If it is embedded, be sure to carve extra room as the clay will shrink some when drying.
  • If you wish, use the sponge to smooth the clay.
  • Let your lantern dry for 24-48 hours in the open air away from direct sunlight. 
3 | Working With the Light
  • Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there is great psychological energy to be harnessed in working with an object that you assign power to.
  • Set an intention each time you interact with the lantern: when you light it, add oil to it, or extinguish it. The more sacredly you hold this practice, the more powerful the device.
  • To add scent, reference the oil guide provided, and add 5-15 drops (depending on the strength you desire) to the warm wax of your candle beneath the flame.
4 | In Our Practice
  • We recommend using your lantern while writing your Personal Brand Anatomy. It is best to set an intention at the beginning of each section, and to extinguish the candle when you are done writing. Feel free to add oils based upon what feels right throughout.
  • We also will offer for you to use your lantern at specific points during our work sessions, so please be sure to save, or acquire an additional candle for doing so.